Anti-Vibration Mounts

S.R.INDUSTRIES manufactures Anti-Vibration Mounts,levelling pads for plastic injection moulding machines & mounting pads for other machines generating vibrations. These mountings are suitable for pharmaceutical machines,generators, compressors, blowers, pumps etc.,

The levelling pads are manufatured from special cushioning material .

Our range of Rubber Sh

Sailent features of Anti-Vibration levelling pads & Mounts:

    >> Foundation not required, immediate commissioning.

    >> Eliminates vibration/shock/noise.

    >> Reduce wear & tear of machines

    >> Less maintenance problems

    >> Better performance of machines

    >> Flexibility of plant layout

    >> Can be installed anywhere even on upper floor

    >> Available in different shape & sizes to suit any load

    >> Useful for any machine generating vibrations

Constructed of a Neoprene Element
in a square bracket.

Constructed of a Neoprene Element encased
Within 2 steel caps

Compact Model for Space Saving Installations Other details on request

     Other details available on request

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